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Edward jenner school gloucestershire. emotional intelligence

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What Do We Want For Our Children?

We are experienced and enthusiastic teachers who have practiced through three decades of educational policies. We have seen what makes learning happen. With this experience has come our well formulated vision for success. We know children need to practise core skills every day; reading, grammar, spelling, verbal reasoning, arithmetic and numeracy based word problems are learnt best in a focussed session.  All our students are individuals with their own learning requirements; all our students will have a personalised tailored curriculum. We are constantly assessing where each child is now and adjusting their programme to take them to where they need to be. These intellectual competencies and learning skills coupled with the knowledge they acquire as they grow, form one part of their intellect.

We also know children need to feel happy, confident, safe and secure to learn. (Maslow Hierarchy of Needs). They need to develop their emotional intelligences and social skills; these are equally important to their future success and wellbeing. These Emotional Intelligence (EQ) skills can be generally defined as follows:

  • Personal Awareness: including recognising and controlling feelings and emotions,

  • Self-management: including self-discipline and motivation,

  • Social awareness: including respect for others and tolerance,

  • Relationship management: including team work and friendship.

​At Edward Jenner School the development of the whole child is seen as fundamental. We work every day to develop well rounded young people who are well equipped to live in the modern world.

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