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A Qualitative rather than Quantitative Education

The importance of time to reflect and review is recognised at Edward Jenner School. We always try to be aware of each learner and be adaptive about our teaching. Consequently parts of the timetable are kept flexible – so if we need more time on something or ideas have taken us in a new direction we can follow, investigate and learn.

The basic premise to being an excellent adaptive learner who can ’Make Learning Happen’ is having the academic tools required. The rigour offered within our morning skills curriculum supports each child in English, Mathematical and ICT skill development. These skills are then available for each child to use when they need them, becoming skills for life.


Children are always encouraged to explore and discover for themselves. We want the children to trust their own intelligence and perceptions – we want them to go in search of answers and be self-reliant. As teachers our role is to inspire, pose questions and facilitate so every child will want to explore for themselves. Only by doing this can they ever reach a true understanding of what they are learning.

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