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Flexible learner edward jenner school

Flexible learning

How will flexible learning work?

At Edward Jenner School, we are committed to providing individual learning programmes. For this reason we can easily accommodate children who do not attend school full time. Each child completes their work at school, we will then assess, reflect and plan their next stage ready for whenever they are back in school. Children will make progress in a safe and familiar environment, covering core skills at an appropriate and individual pace. The Science, ICT and Technology courses will be set on specific days, this allows us to plan these subjects for the children who attend on those days. 

Each afternoon is generally dedicated to covering the remaining curriculum subjects. Please contact the school to discuss the timetable to help you select days to suit, we will try to accommodate your choices. We ask all children to attend for a minimum of 2 days each week. Many of our flexi-students join us for additional activities.

Day Payment
Minimum Monthly Payment for 2 days per week
Fees for other attendance schedules and support packages will be calculated prior to enrolment


As a Flexi-student your child will be enrolled at  Edward Jenner School. This does not affect you as a Home Schooling parent. You retain the overview of your own child’s educational experience. When your child is not at school you are responsible for their education – just as you are now. We are offering a partnership to ensure your child makes maximum progress in all areas of social, emotional and intellectual development.

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