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Edward Jenner Mixed school

Education in Context

At Edward Jenner School academic learning and questioning are encouraged. It is important for children to make connections between subject information and their current knowledge. These connections are helped when children are able to relate ideas to their own lives, to a period in the past, or to a familiar context.

For example we have planned our History curriculum to work chronologically from early British History, through to modern times. As their experience grows children are able to consider ideas more broadly, our themes reflect this and gradually become more global. Alongside a time period in History children may make food that was eaten, or music that was played. Geographical studies will start close to home and work outwards, as ideas and knowledge broaden. Our children will be taught how to question and look for answers.

Edward jenner School Performance.jpeg

Our namesake Edward Jenner, was given advice from his mentor when studying to be a surgeon ‘Don’t think; try’ this is credited to William Harvey (1 April 1578 – 3 June 1657) who was a Physician exploring the heart and circulatory system. Jenner took this advice and made his discoveries through: hypothesising, observing, measuring, investigating and concluding. He is credited with saving more human lives than any man in history. This method of trying out ideas and working to make understanding through connections, is central to brain development and therefore to learning.

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