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Edward Jenner Inclusive school. SEND

Values, Ethos and Mission

The Edward Jenner School Path to Self- Reliance


“Edward Jenner School strives to make children confident, reflective, principled and open minded learners. Our focus is to develop the whole child creating within them a responsible inquiring mind. The children are encouraged to meet academic challenges with enthusiasm and a willingness to solve problems through trial and improvement. We foster an atmosphere of caring cooperation with respect for: individual differences, community values and global citizenship.”


Are chosen to support and inform our Mission Statement


Having the confidence and determination to try again if you cannot do something yet. Strive to improve whilst maintaining belief in oneself.


Finding joy in creating with words, music, technology or the arts. To have fun, be happy and take pleasure from the world around you. To make healthy and good life choices. Maintain a positive outlook to the future.


To be kinder than is necessary. To be a good friend and enjoy the benefits that it brings. To develop empathy and compassion.


To love learning and be interested to explore and investigate. Always striving to acquire and improve physical and mental skills.


To act with loyalty, integrity and honour in everything.


To maintain a balance between rights and responsibilities. To build a sense of place in a community and to value work.


How our school builds the spirit of our community and supports our Values.

  • offering a warm welcome to every young person, every day

  • positively supporting each child individually; we recognise when they are being kind, working hard and behaving honourably

  • providing bespoke planning for Maths and English

  • giving children the support to try again and improve

  • maintaining a positive calm environment

  • providing learning support, as soon as it is needed, for as long as it is needed

  • engaging, analytical, interested and caring staff

  • providing an investigative, rigorous and practical curriculum

  • investing in small class sizes

  • ensuring we work and play very hard and have exciting experiences

  • promote emotional health and well-being through all that we do

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